Blog Submissions

Blog Submissions

Thanks for your interest in writing a guest blog for We’re glad you’re here.

The 12 step community is very large and we have a great and uplifting Facebook following and we are now putting energy into our blog.

We will write articles and encourage you to write recovery stories, opinion pieces, poetry, anything that is recovery related.

We are welcoming recovering contributors to join our ranks.

If you would like to share your story with recovering people or those seeking recovery – we would love to hear from you.

How the Submission Process Works

  1. Please read all of this page and note that we will try to respond with dates of acceptance and put you in the calendar to be published. Not all pieces will be accepted, and as we grow – we will update this page as needed.

  2. We look for original content and quality writing. If a piece of content submitted is anywhere else on the internet – we will NOT publish it.

  3. The style we want is honest truthful stories, and thoughts about 12 step topics.

  4. Any place you take a quote from or if you reference an article please put the source with a link.

  5. If you work for a place that wants you to write and put links to a business – never more than one link and our editorial team will decide if we want to use the piece once we see the link.

  6. If able we would love a link to an article or another blog already on our site.

  7. Word count ideal is 1500. We will accept less or more but that is our preference.

  8. Images are helpful but if you do not send – we will put one up. If you send an image it must be royalty free – here is a place that you can get a royalty free image

  9. Fill out the form and drop your content in by section. We like titles (headings) and subtitles. This helps a blog follow easy reading. See any of our blogs to get an idea. Paragraphs should be no more than three to five sentences long. We love bulleted lists to help break up dense copy chunks, we will format the list. Please use a nice close or summary.

Types of Content We Will Not Accept

  1. Any title that is already being used on our site. Please search our site before you submit to be sure it is original information.
  2. If we see your article as a link-building scheme we will not post it.
  3. Nothing that is offensive, untrue, or not in the 12 step recovery realm.
  4. Our site is not a place to complain or speak ill of another or their thoughts. So, if you are writing to be mean, or critical your content will not be posted.

Please Acknowledge The Following

  • 12 Step Recovery reserve the right to reject contributions at our discretion.
  • We encourage you to share your published writing on your own social media, however, it cannot be republished on the internet at all – this means on your own blog or on other sites that accept content.
  • We reserve the right to edit your content as we see fit and update for future comprehensiveness.
  • Your content will be on our website and we do have advertisements and calls to action

We welcome all writers. Please submit your content and we will post and let you know when it is live. Email and Phone Number are not for the public. This is so we can contact directly.

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