SOS Recovery – Addiction Recovery

SOS Recovery – Addiction Recovery

What is SOS, How Can I Find Recovery Support?

SOS Recovery is a Secular Path

Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS) is an organization founded by James Christopher (1942-2020). He struggled with alcoholism for many years and had tried many times to stop drinking. He struggled with the spiritual aspects popular in 12-step programs. He eventually found how to stop drinking and wrote books on the subject “How to Stay Sober: Recovery without Religion’’, “SOS Sobriety” and “Unhooked: Staying Sober and Drug-Free”. He believed that there were many paths to recovery. These groups are also known as ‘Save Our Selves Groups’ and started in the USA, but groups can be found around the world now. Each Community Events Calendar or Conference will offer a volunteer opportunity to speak about recovery support in the organization. SOS follows a simple Meeting Format and uses an equally simple principles for recovery support;

SOS Suggested Guidelines for Sobriety
(Read at the opening of SOS meetings)

  • To break the cycle of denial and achieve sobriety, we first acknowledge that we are alcoholics or addicts.
  • We affirm this truth daily and accept without reservation—one day at a time—that as clean and sober individuals, we cannot and do not drink or use, no matter what.
  • Since drinking or using is not an option for us, we take whatever steps are necessary to continue our Sobriety Priority lifelong.
  • A quality of life, “the good life,” can be achieved. However, life is also filled with uncertainties. Therefore, we do not drink or use regardless of feelings, circumstances, or conflicts.
  • We share in confidence with each other our thoughts and feelings as sober, clean individuals.
  • Sobriety is our priority, and we are each responsible for our lives and our sobriety.

This guideline was first published in James Christopher’s “How to Stay Sober: Recovery without Religion” and later in the “SOS Guidebook for Group Leaders”. Each new group is suggested to adopt this as part of their format. Groups grow as members join and participate. Giving back is a common theme in any recovery community. When volunteers speak at a new community events calendar or conference about recovery support in the organization then a new opportunity might present itself to start another group.

SOS Meeting Attendance Is Beneficial to the Community of Individuals seeking Recovery from Addiction

Each SOS Group is self sufficient and the members support each other. This is a common principle of recovery. Each group encourages the scientific approach to addiction treatment and strives to be secular. Secular, by definition means things that are not spiritual, religious or sacred. While each member is responsible for their own recovery, all members within the close community of support will work to create an atmosphere of recovery and anonymity. Each new community events calendar or new conference will offer a volunteer opportunity to speak about recovery support in the organization. This event can lead to more meetings and grow the recovery support organization.

Calendar of Events

To be contacted about events and about local community calendars, they have a simple contact form available online where events can be found.

Some examples of this community organization where events can be found include;

You can also contact SOS using the information below;

SOS Clearinghouse (Secular Organizations for Sobriety/ Save Our Selves)
4773 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90027 USA.
Tel : (323) 666-4295 Fax: (323) 666-4271

If you have a community events Calendar or conference and would like a volunteer the opportunity to speak about recovery support in the organization, contact the Clearinghouse.


Strength Over Stigma (SOS) Recovery Community Organization is based in Rochester, NY. This is not affiliated with SOS Recovery but a search engine will often include this Rochester organization and include it with SOS. This is where you can see SOS information for Rochester, including meetings and events.

A Community Of People Who Struggle With Addiction

Peer based recovery has been popular since the start of Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930’s. Members meet and find recovery by working together to create a sense of community. Members will volunteer their time, day or night, in some cases. Recovery support is available in the community created by members. SOS recovery is one of the secular organizations that looks to provide a solution to addiction by offering support without the spiritual aspects popular in other recovery formats. Each member is a volunteer and funds are collected at the end of each meeting to support the group’s efforts. Any community will benefit from recovery efforts regardless of the source. Being a volunteer is often a popular way of finding and providing support.

Jim Christopher was a noted speaker and often found at events and or at a conference giving talks. As the founder, he was often called upon to speak at a conference and was a noted authority on secular organizations that promote recovery support. Each time a new event or new conference was planned in the US could have an opportunity to speak about recovery support.

Every community event calendar can be filled with volunteer opportunities to promote the organization as a recovery option. Volunteers will find that being part of ‘us’ in a group promotes support of their recovery each new day.

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