A Brief History of Time

A Brief History of Time | 12 Step Recovery

Father Time looked down for a Moment and said, ‘I want to tell you a story little one’. He pulled the Moment upon his knee.

“Cool! I love stories!”

‘This is the story about Narcotics Anonymous.’

‘Long ago, there was a light surrounded by hard, lifeless matter. The light was called God by some, Higher Power, or simply love. Everyone knew of it as ‘The Sun’. The hard, lifeless matter was called the suffering addict.’

‘For a long time, the dark matter swirled around the sun and nothing changed. There came to pass a point when some of the matter started to come together in chance meetings. When the matter came together regularly, they were able to attract air and water. Some called the air the twelve steps and some called the water the twelve traditions. Addicts can survive for a time with air, but eventually they need water too’

Group Conscience arrives.

“What happened when the steps, traditions and addicts formed together, Father?”

‘With air, water and the light of the Sun, the dark matter was able to grow and become more beautiful with each day. Flowers and trees and all manner of beauty grew. This happened more and more as the whole became greater than the sum of the parts. The sum of the parts became known as ‘The Fellowship’ and it was the most beautiful thing that anyone had seen. Smaller masses were drawn to the larger mass and joined, growing bigger and stronger each day.’

The Basic Text takes Shape.

‘The Fellowship grew large and took a shape that they called “The Basic Text”. Some matter was ejected, and flew off into the night sky, reflecting the light of the sun as it left The Fellowship. The object was a comet, shining bright in the night sky, reflecting the sun and it took on an altered shape that it called the basic text as well. The Fellowship called it WSO but the comet decided to change it’s name to NAWS.’

‘Years passed and NAWS hurdled further from the Fellowship. Some saw this comet as the Sun because it was visible in the darkness of night, at the worst time when the sun was not there. The Fellowship knew who it was because it was growing, because it had air and water to sustain the growth but NAWS forgot this and it never grew.’

‘Still more years passed…decades, in fact. Large masses called Iran and Brazil came to join with The Fellowship, which grew larger and stronger. NAWS saw this and thought it must be us that caused this because they were above the Fellowship, looking down. Some only knew the night and saw the comet as powerful, but for those who quietly breathed the air, and drank the water in the light of the sun knew differently.’

Time moved on.

The Great Pandemic

‘Suddenly a Great Pandemic arrived. The Fellowship grew afraid but those who remembered closed their eyes, breathed the air, and drank the water in the warmth of the sun. The Fellowship grew stronger and more united. NAWS saw this and questioned if The Fellowship even existed anymore but the Pandemic ravaged NAWS too. Without air and water, NAWS suffered and declined. Faster and faster, it hurdled back to The Fellowship, crashed and disappeared. It was like it never existed at all.’

‘The Fellowship was stronger than it had ever been. The air and the water combined with the sun was all that was ever needed to grow. All the dark, lifeless matter that still exists came to the Fellowship and were welcomed to stay each day.’

“Wow, what’s it like to be a comet?”

Father Time laughed and agreed that was a very good question.

“Are they here?”

Father Time nodded, and said ‘I hope so, why don’t you go ask them your question?’

“I shall, can we have a meeting?”

Father Time laughed again and agreed ‘I will invite my sister Themis; we can have a meeting and hear great stories of long distances traveled and much that was spent.’

“What happens now, Father?”

‘I don’t know, little one. That is up to you. It’s each passing moment that writes the future as past.”


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