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Finding Gratitude

Finding Gratitude


“It happened again today – when I learned that my childhood best friend’s father is dying. I am, once again, intimate with fear; death; dying. I think I pushed it away when my Grandpa passed.  Could be any day now – his death. What to say when all we do is wait for him to die? Words fail me in this moment. Words fail me today.”

With eyes blinded by tears and hearts stricken with grief, we mourn the loss of my dear friend’s father. His soul left his body but a few weeks ago. As she drowns in his memories, my friend feels lost and alone. I cannot begin to comprehend her grief; the enormity of the loss; the depth of the void she now feels. Words fail me yet again. So I offer to her the most beautiful healer of all, Mother Nature.

The Universe has a funny way of offering us comfort. September’s coy arrival brings rich hues of red, orange, yellow, and brown; the scent of dried and crunchy leaves that tickle the nose; and a chill that sends us clinging to the first sign of warmth. Inevitably, autumn reminds us of the necessity for human touch – a longing to be near others – A longing that leaves my friend thirsty to drink in once more the love and warmth that her father gave so easily. But wait. Stay alert. Nature offers so much more. The turning of seasons is nature’s guide to survival in the most dire of circumstances. After all, one doesn’t take a journey without a guide who knows the paths, and who knows change and direction better than Mother Nature?

As words become a familiar acquaintance with my mind yet again, I plead with my aching friend – Dry your eyes and take Her hand. She will show you the way. Mother Nature will take care of you.

There is a beauty to be found in the changing of the earth’s seasons, and an inner grace in honoring the cycles of life. If grief or anger arises, let there be grief or anger. This is the Buddha in all forms, Sun Buddha, Moon Buddha, Happy Buddha, Sad Buddha. It is the Universe offering all things to awaken and open our heart.”

-Jack Kornfield

It is a beautiful gift to see the world anew; to taste the fresh, crisp air; to appreciate the world that our loved ones have left behind for us to discover.

To my friend and to those who wrestle with anger and grief with each rising sun:

Your father’s scent lives on in the budding flowers of a cool spring morning. Look for his smile as the sun sets and gracefully makes her way to neighboring countries. His touch is as near to you as the hot summer air lay thick on one’s skin. His light is the warmth you feel on a bitterly cold winter day in Montana.  Let all winds be his gentle hug. Let the sun be his warm forehead kiss. Let the moonlight be his blanket, holding you tightly as you sleep each night. His body may be gone, but his essence is as strong as ever. Quiet your aching mind, dear friend, and open your eyes to see the beauty that is your father. Stand tall next to the trees the brush against your bedroom window. Roots firmly planted, he is there to guide you; embrace you; comfort you always.

Gratitude as a Gift

Let’s be grateful for this wonderful gift that he has left for you – the gift of the natural world. Find strength in change, solace in letting go, and comfort in relinquishing fear and gratitude.  The circadian rhythm of Nature’s song is undeniably sung each year. Perhaps you can try to hum a few notes with Her. She will be patient with you. And I will be here to hold your hand.

Author Bio

My name is Kiley. Most friends call me Ki. At twenty-three years young, I’m itching to understand the Universe and my place in it. I am an individual first, a mother second, a dreamer – always. LifeofKi is a humble blog reflecting my thoughts at any given moment. I ask questions of my readers, of myself, and of the Universe. I find solace in spirituality and connecting with others. With a passion for creative writing, I am living my dream every day. Stop by for a visit sometime! I’ve only just begun my spiritual journey, one fleeting thought at a time.

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