Just For Today – April 19 – Footwork

April 19: Putting in the Footwork for a Better Life

The Just For Today reading for April 19th tackles a crucial concept in recovery: the importance of taking action, or “doing the footwork,” to achieve a better life. The passage delves into the tendency for newcomers in Narcotics Anonymous (NA) to desire the positive outcomes of recovery without putting in the necessary effort.

This blog post will explore the key takeaways from the reading, focusing on:

  • The allure of instant results in recovery.
  • Recognizing the effort required for lasting change.
  • Practical steps to translate desire for a better life into action.

The Allure of Instant Gratification in Recovery

The reading opens with a poignant truth: many addicts, upon entering NA, crave the benefits of recovery immediately. This yearning often encompasses serenity, material well-being, strong relationships, and a supportive sponsor. These are all desirable aspects of a life in recovery, but the passage emphasizes a crucial point: these positive outcomes are byproducts of a dedicated commitment to the program’s principles.

We may arrive at NA with the hope of a quick fix, but the program offers a path to long-term transformation, not a magic bullet.

Recognizing the Effort Needed for Lasting Change

The reading highlights the misconception that serenity, healthy relationships, and a fulfilling life simply appear after joining NA. True serenity, as the passage suggests, emerges from diligently working the steps. Building strong relationships requires consistent effort and open communication.

The analogy of a new car is particularly apt. Owning a car isn’t a consequence of attending NA meetings; it’s often the result of responsible employment, which in turn aligns with “practicing these principles in all our affairs.”

Taking Action: Turning Desire into Progress

So, how do we bridge the gap between wanting a better life and actively working towards it? The reading offers a practical approach:

  • Make an inventory: Identify what aspects of your life you want to improve. This could be anything from achieving financial stability to strengthening relationships.
  • Seek guidance: Discuss your goals with your sponsor. They can provide invaluable support and advice tailored to your specific situation.
  • Take action: This is where the “footwork” comes in. Once you’ve identified your goals and received guidance, it’s time to translate desire into concrete steps. This might involve attending job training programs, initiating open communication with loved ones, or actively participating in the NA program.

The “Just for Today” reflection at the end of the passage serves as a powerful call to action:

“Just for today: I want a better life. I will make an inventory of what I want, find out how to get it, talk with my sponsor about it, and do the necessary footwork.”

Remember, recovery is a journey, not a destination. There will be setbacks and challenges along the way. But by consistently “doing the footwork,” we pave the path towards a life filled with serenity, purpose, and connection.

Additional Considerations

The concept of “footwork” in NA extends beyond individual actions. It also encompasses actively participating in the program itself. This can involve:

  • Regularly attending meetings.
  • Engaging in service work within the NA community.
  • Reaching out to struggling newcomers and offering support.

By actively contributing to the program, we not only strengthen our own recovery but also create a supportive environment for others seeking a better life.

The road to recovery is paved with consistent effort. But by embracing the importance of “footwork” and taking action towards our goals, we can build a life filled with the peace, connection, and purpose we all deserve.


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