Just For Today | July 7 | God in Each Other

“One aspect of our spiritual awakening comes through the new understanding of our Higher Power that we develop by sharing another addict’s recovery.”
Basic Text, page 51

Seeing God in Each Other

We’ve heard it said that we often see God most clearly in one another. We see the truth of this when we practice our Twelfth Step. When we carry the recovery message to another addict, we sense the presence of a Power greater than ourselves. This powerful experience is a testament to the spiritual connection that binds us together in recovery.

The Message, Not the Messenger

As we watch the recovery message take hold in another’s life, we realize something profound: it’s the message that brings recovery, not the messenger. A Higher Power, not our own power, is the source of the change that begins when we carry the message to a still-suffering addict. This realization is humbling and affirming, showing us the true source of transformation.

Witnessing Transformation

As the message does its work, transforming the life of another addict, we see a Higher Power in action. We watch as acceptance and hope replace denial and despair. Before our very eyes, the first traces of honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness begin to appear. Something’s happening inside this person, something bigger and more powerful than either of us. This is a spiritual awakening in its truest form, witnessed in real time.

The Higher Power at Work

We’re watching the God we’ve come to understand at work in someone’s life. We see the Higher Power in them. And we know with greater certainty than ever that this Higher Power is in us, too, as the force driving our recovery. This mutual recognition strengthens our faith and deepens our spiritual connection, both with others and within ourselves.

Practicing the Twelfth Step

The Twelfth Step invites us to carry the message of recovery to other addicts. This practice is not only about helping others but also about reinforcing our own recovery. Each time we share our experience, strength, and hope, we renew our commitment to the principles of recovery and deepen our understanding of our Higher Power.

Recognizing the God in Each Other

  1. Acceptance: Seeing acceptance take root in someone else’s life reminds us of our own journey from denial to acceptance.
  2. Hope: Watching hope flourish in another’s heart rekindles our own sense of hope and possibility.
  3. Honesty: As another addict begins to practice honesty, we are reminded of the importance of truth in our own lives.
  4. Open-mindedness: Witnessing the development of open-mindedness in others encourages us to remain open to new ideas and perspectives.
  5. Willingness: Seeing willingness grow in another addict reinforces our own willingness to continue the journey of recovery.

The Power of the Recovery Community

The recovery community is a powerful testament to the presence of a Higher Power. Through sharing our stories and supporting one another, we create a space where spiritual growth can flourish. This communal aspect of recovery allows us to see the God in each other, providing a mirror that reflects our own spiritual progress.

Just For Today: Embracing the Spiritual Journey

Just for today: As I carry the message of recovery to other addicts, I will try to pay attention to the Power behind the message. Today, as I watch other addicts recover, I will try to recognize the God in them so I can better recognize the God in myself. This practice not only helps others but also enriches our own spiritual journey, reinforcing our faith in a Higher Power.


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