Just For Today | June 11 | Living Clean

“As we recover, we gain a new outlook on being clean…. Life can become a new adventure for us.” Basic Text, page 88

Understanding the Meaning of Clean

The concept of “clean” takes on a multifaceted meaning in the context of recovery. For many addicts, the life before recovery was anything but clean, both physically and emotionally. The lifestyle often involved neglecting personal hygiene and living environments, resulting in external filth. However, the internal sense of uncleanliness often felt much worse, stemming from the guilt, shame, and self-loathing associated with addiction.

The Physical and Emotional Filth of Addiction

Addiction often leads to living in physical squalor, where personal and environmental cleanliness is neglected. This neglect is a reflection of the deeper emotional and psychological turmoil that addicts experience. The actions taken to sustain addiction—deception, theft, and mistreatment of others—further contribute to the internal sense of dirtiness. Many addicts wake up each day wishing for a chance to feel clean, both inside and out.

The Journey to Living Clean

Recovery offers a chance to achieve that desired sense of cleanliness. For addicts, living clean starts with abstaining from drug use, which is the primary focus in Narcotics Anonymous. However, as recovery progresses and individuals work through the Twelve Steps, they discover a deeper, more comprehensive form of cleanliness.

Admitting the Truth

One of the foundational steps in living clean is admitting the truth about addiction. This involves acknowledging the problem rather than hiding or denying it. By facing the reality of addiction, individuals begin to cleanse themselves of the deceit and denial that once clouded their lives.

Making Amends

Another crucial aspect of living clean is making amends for past wrongs. This process involves taking responsibility for actions that harmed others and seeking to make things right. The act of making amends brings a sense of relief and purity, as individuals clear the emotional and relational debris accumulated during their addiction.

Developing New Values

Living clean also means adopting a new set of values guided by a Higher Power. These values promote honesty, integrity, and respect for oneself and others. As individuals align their lives with these principles, they experience a renewed sense of vitality and purpose.

The Benefits of Living Clean

Living clean offers numerous benefits that enhance the overall quality of life. By practicing the principles of recovery in all aspects of life, individuals can maintain a sense of cleanliness and purity that extends beyond mere abstinence from drugs.

A Fresh Start

Living clean provides a fresh start, allowing individuals to rebuild their lives on a foundation of honesty and integrity. This new beginning is marked by the freedom to pursue meaningful goals and relationships without the burden of addiction.

Inner Peace

The internal sense of cleanliness that comes with recovery brings a profound sense of inner peace. By addressing past wrongs and embracing new values, individuals can let go of guilt and shame, replacing them with self-respect and confidence.

Grateful Living

Living clean fosters a sense of gratitude for the new life that recovery offers. This gratitude extends to all areas of life, enhancing relationships, personal achievements, and overall well-being. By living clean, individuals not only improve their own lives but also serve as inspirations to others seeking recovery.

Embracing Clean Living

The idea of “clean living” may have once seemed unappealing or unattainable, associated with a lifestyle reserved for “squares.” However, through recovery, living clean becomes not only desirable but essential. It represents a commitment to health, honesty, and integrity, leading to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Daily Commitment to Living Clean

Maintaining a clean lifestyle requires daily commitment and vigilance. Each day presents new opportunities to practice the principles of recovery and to reaffirm the choice to live clean. By focusing on the present and making conscious decisions that align with recovery values, individuals can sustain their cleanliness and continue to grow.

Just for Today

Just for today, reflect on the cleanliness of your life. Are your actions, thoughts, and relationships aligned with your recovery values? Embrace the sense of purity that comes from living clean and commit to maintaining it. Remember that living clean is not just a one-time achievement but an ongoing journey that requires dedication and mindfulness.


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