Just For Today | June 25 | Not Just Lucky

“The process of coming to believe restores us to sanity. The strength to move into action comes from this belief.”
Basic Text, page 24

The Journey of Belief

Coming to believe in a Higher Power is a transformative process that goes beyond mere coincidence. It’s about recognizing the guiding hand that has led us through the darkest times into the light of recovery. Each addict who finds solace and strength in Narcotics Anonymous (NA) has personal experiences that serve as evidence of a benevolent Power working for good in their lives.

Recognizing Miracles

Recovery is filled with moments that may seem like mere luck at first glance. However, upon deeper reflection, we can see these moments as miracles. Surviving car accidents, overdoses, or other near-catastrophes aren’t just strokes of luck—they are signs of a Higher Power intervening for our good. These events, when acknowledged, strengthen our belief in a force greater than ourselves, which actively supports us.

Examples of Everyday Miracles

  • Surviving Life-Threatening Situations: Many of us can recount times we narrowly escaped death or severe harm. These experiences are not random; they are reminders of a Higher Power at work.
  • Finding NA: The very act of discovering Narcotics Anonymous and the support it offers can be seen as a miracle. It provides a path to recovery that many never find.
  • Daily Guidance: The small, everyday decisions that keep us on the path of recovery are often influenced by a Higher Power, whether we recognize it or not.

Trusting in a Higher Power

The belief in a Higher Power isn’t static; it’s a dynamic and growing trust that continues to develop through our recovery journey. When we reflect on our past and see the evidence of a loving Higher Power acting on our behalf, we build trust that this Power will continue to guide us. This trust gives us the strength to take positive actions and move forward confidently in our recovery.

Building Trust Through Reflection

  • Acknowledging Past Miracles: Take time to reflect on the events in your life that could be considered miracles. Write them down and recognize the role of a Higher Power in these moments.
  • Sharing Stories: Engage with fellow NA members and share your experiences. Hearing others’ stories of miracles can reinforce your belief in a Higher Power.
  • Daily Affirmations: Practice daily affirmations that remind you of your Higher Power’s presence and support.

Strength from Belief

Belief in a Higher Power provides us with more than just comfort; it offers the strength to take decisive actions in our recovery. Knowing that we are supported and guided gives us the courage to face challenges and make positive changes in our lives.

Action Steps to Strengthen Belief

  1. Regular Meditation and Prayer: Establish a routine of connecting with your Higher Power through meditation and prayer. This practice can reinforce your belief and provide daily strength.
  2. Gratitude Journaling: Keep a gratitude journal where you note down instances of your Higher Power’s guidance and support. Reviewing these entries can bolster your trust.
  3. Service to Others: Engage in acts of service within your recovery community. Helping others can deepen your connection to your Higher Power and reinforce the belief in a benevolent force.

Embracing Recovery

Recovery is a journey that involves recognizing and embracing the miracles that occur along the way. By acknowledging the role of a Higher Power in our lives, we move beyond seeing ourselves as merely lucky. We understand that our recovery is a testament to the ongoing support and guidance of this Higher Power.

Just for Today

Just for today, remember that your recovery is more than a series of fortunate events. It is evidence of a Higher Power’s unwavering support. Trust in this Power, and let it give you the strength to continue your journey of recovery. Believe that your Higher Power has never let you down and will continue to guide you towards a brighter, healthier future.


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