Just For Today | June 30 | Maintaining the Foundation

“Our newly found faith serves as a firm foundation for courage in the future”
Basic Text, page 93

The Importance of a Strong Foundation

The foundation of our lives influences everything we do. During our active addiction, that foundation was shaky and unreliable, leading to chaos and instability. Deciding to prioritize recovery marks a pivotal change, redirecting our energy towards building a new, stable foundation. This foundation is crucial for sustaining the positive changes and growth we’ve experienced in recovery.

Building on Recovery

When we commit to recovery, we start to build a new life. This commitment transforms our daily routines, relationships, and priorities. Our recovery program becomes the bedrock upon which we construct our new lives. As we stay clean and our lives improve, it is essential to remember the importance of maintaining this foundation.

Core Elements of a Recovery Foundation

  1. Daily Commitment: Continuously reaffirming our dedication to the recovery process.
  2. Step Work: Regularly engaging with the Twelve Steps to guide our actions and decisions.
  3. Support Networks: Building and maintaining relationships with sponsors, peers, and support groups.
  4. Service Work: Giving back to the recovery community through service and outreach.

Navigating Changing Priorities

As we progress in recovery, our lifestyles and priorities naturally evolve. Work, education, and relationships may take on greater importance, enhancing the quality of our lives. These new priorities bring excitement and fulfillment, but it is vital to remember that they are built upon our recovery program. Without maintaining this foundation, the positive changes in our lives may falter.

Balancing New Priorities

  • Time Management: Allocate time each day for recovery activities, ensuring they remain a priority alongside other responsibilities.
  • Routine: Establish a daily routine that incorporates meetings, step work, and personal reflection.
  • Communication: Maintain open lines of communication with your support network to stay grounded in your recovery.

Renewing Commitment Daily

Recovery is a daily commitment. Each day, we must consciously choose to prioritize our recovery program. This renewal of commitment helps us stay focused on our goals and reinforces the foundation of our new lives.

Daily Practices for Commitment

  1. Morning Reflections: Start each day with a reflection or meditation to set a positive tone.
  2. Gratitude Practice: List things you are grateful for each day, reminding yourself of the benefits of recovery.
  3. Check-Ins: Regularly check in with your sponsor or a trusted peer to discuss your progress and challenges.
  4. Mindfulness: Practice mindfulness to stay present and connected to your recovery journey.

Enjoying the Fruits of Recovery

The changes we experience in recovery bring about a richer, more fulfilling life. By maintaining the foundation of our recovery program, we ensure that we can continue to enjoy these positive changes. This ongoing commitment provides the courage and strength to face future challenges with confidence.

Benefits of a Strong Recovery Foundation

  • Emotional Stability: Greater resilience in managing stress and emotions.
  • Healthy Relationships: Stronger, more supportive relationships with others.
  • Personal Growth: Continuous personal and spiritual development.
  • Fulfillment: A deeper sense of purpose and satisfaction in life.

Just for Today

Just for today, commit to maintaining the foundation of your recovery. Recognize that this foundation supports all the positive changes in your life. Take deliberate steps to renew your commitment to your recovery program, ensuring it remains your top priority. By doing so, you will continue to enjoy the life you have found in recovery and build a future grounded in faith and courage.


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