Just For Today | June 4 | Build, Don’t Destroy

“Our negative sense of self has been replaced by a positive concern for others.”
Basic Text, page 16

Understanding Negative Self-Esteem

Spreading gossip often feeds a dark hunger within us. Sometimes we mistakenly believe that the only way to feel good about ourselves is by making others look bad in comparison. However, the self-esteem gained at another’s expense is hollow and not worth the price. This toxic behavior only perpetuates our negative sense of self, trapping us in a cycle of low self-worth and destructive actions.

Replacing Negative Self-Perceptions

The key to overcoming negative self-esteem lies not in focusing on our flaws but in shifting our concern towards others. Instead of dwelling on our low self-esteem, we should look around and find ways to be of service to those in need. This proactive approach transforms our mindset from self-pity to active compassion. By helping others, we become individuals we can respect and admire.

Service as a Solution

Many might view this shift as a way of avoiding the issue, but it’s actually a profound solution. Dwelling on our inadequacies only deepens our self-pity. However, replacing this self-pity with loving concern for others leads to genuine self-respect. This approach not only improves our own sense of self-worth but also contributes positively to the community around us.

Building Self-Esteem Through Positive Actions

The path to building self-esteem is through uplifting others, not tearing them down. When we engage in acts of kindness and service, we create a ripple effect of positivity. This not only helps others but also reinforces our own sense of worth and purpose.

Reflecting on Our Actions

To maintain this positive outlook, it’s helpful to regularly ask ourselves if we are contributing to the problem or the solution. This self-reflection keeps us accountable and focused on our goal of building rather than destroying.

  • Am I spreading positivity?
  • How can I help someone today?
  • What actions can I take to uplift others?

By consistently choosing to build instead of destroy, we foster a healthier, more positive environment for ourselves and those around us.

Practical Steps for Building Others Up

  1. Engage in Acts of Kindness:
    Small gestures, like a compliment or a helping hand, can significantly impact someone’s day.
  2. Volunteer:
    Find local organizations where you can offer your time and skills.
  3. Listen Actively:
    Sometimes, all someone needs is for you to listen. Being present for others shows that you care.
  4. Encourage and Support:
    Offer words of encouragement and support to those around you. Celebrate their successes.
  5. Be Mindful of Your Words:
    Avoid gossip and negative talk. Speak positively and constructively.

By incorporating these steps into our daily lives, we can actively contribute to a more positive and supportive community.

Embracing a Positive Concern for Others

Turning our focus outward, towards the well-being of others, allows us to break free from the chains of negative self-perception. This shift doesn’t negate our struggles; rather, it empowers us to transform our challenges into opportunities for growth and connection.

Choosing to Build

Today, make a conscious choice to build rather than destroy. Though we may feel low at times, tearing others down isn’t the solution. Instead, replace negative self-thoughts with positive actions towards others. In doing so, we not only uplift those around us but also cultivate a stronger, healthier sense of self.


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