Lifering Secular Recovery

Lifering Secular Recovery

Lifering Publishing Transforms Into Secular Recovery

LifeRing Secular Recovery is a registered 501(c) charity founded in 2001 that promotes the use of face to face, virtual meetings, forums, assemblies, and publications. Their goal is to assist the general public, families, alcoholics and addicts with achieving sobriety. By “sobriety” LifeRing means complete abstinence from alcohol and illicit or non-medically indicated drugs. Martin Nicholas, one of the founders of LifeRing Secular Recovery has written a number of books used by the organization. Originally lifering was associated as a publishing company with the Secular Organization for Sobrietyg. Lifering secular recovery is not a 12 step program and does not promote the development of a higher power thru the 12 Step model. Secular recovery organizations generally prefer to develop empowerment techniques to assist members achieve sobriety but do not specifically exclude the use of Alcoholics Anonymousg or Narcotics Anonymous.

The LifeRing Secular Recovery Way

LifeRing uses the “3-S” philosophy to recover based on Sobriety, Secularity, and Self-Help.

  • Sobriety – LifeRing promotes abstinence from alcohol and drugs.
  • Secularity – All manners of recovery are welcomed, regardless of beliefs. LifeRing believes in human efforts rather than divine intervention.
  • Self-Help – It’s an individual’s own efforts and motivation that promises recovery

Convenors are members with clean time who organize a meeting. Meetings offer the chance to experience peer based recovery with contact from others and without the 12 step model of developing a relationship with a higher power. Once you have contact with a convenor you can find out about ways to donate. The belief is that anyone will get sobriety and find a new way to live by developing a program with the support of other members in recovery. They have some literature available;

  • Empower Your Sober Self
  • Recovery by Choice – A Workbook
  • Humanly Possible
  • How Was Your Week

Their website offers contact information for individuals who want to get information on secular recovery. Anyone can get sober and find support in a secular recovery meeting. This new forum might be the solution you were looking for so “contact us online!” to learn about lifering secular.

Meetings; Both Online and Face to Face, Can Get us freedom from Active Addiction.

LifeRing secular meetings began in the USAg but are now found internationallyg

Australia, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, and Sweden. If you are interested in starting a meeting in your area, it is suggested that you read “How Was Your Week” a book published by LifeRing and become a Convenor. There is also a suggestion to have six months of sobriety.

Lifering offers open meetings and closed meetings. Both meetings are advertised to the public. Both online and face to face meetings are structured in a similar manner.

About LifeRing

LifeRing maintains a Global websiteg with a great deal of information about the program, governance of the society, a calendar of events, email signup. The website has literature and merchandise for sale that promotes secular recovery. Donations are collected to support lifering secular.

Get to One LifeRing Meeting a Week

Members are encouraged to attend a weekly meeting as well as explore any options that benefit their recovery. Lifering is not a 12 step program or a spiritual based program of recovery. Secular recovery means that members can explore recovery without the expectation of a spiritual component. The recovery each of us builds as a member becomes a shared experience at a lifering meeting. Events also provide the opportunity to find and explore the LifeRing support group face to face. Members can share what they have learned from literature purchased at the bookstore that lifering offers online on their website.

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