12 Step Program | 12 Step Recovery

12 Step Program

For a long time addiction was thought to be an incurable illness or moral failing. Early attempts to assist those who suffered were not always successful and often any success was difficult to duplicate. There were very few centers that offered any kind of treatment and recovery was not possible was a common view held by many. Many things changed with the development of the 12

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12 Step Program for Addiction | 12 Step Recovery

12 Step Program for Addiction

In the 1930’s from the ashes of many tolerance movements for alcohol abuse rose the first 12 Step program called Alcoholics Anonymous. During the 1930’s a Christian based movement known as the Oxford Groups were finding success based on the premise that all of the personal problems an individual might face are based on fear and selfishness. The success of AA inspired others to adopt the

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Self-Supporting by Our Own Contributions | 12 Step Recovery

Self-Supporting by Our Own Contributions

My Addiction I thought I was self-supporting in active addiction. I was willing to manipulate, lie and even steal to maintain my addiction. Addiction was not always about drugs; feelings of entitlement and avoidance of the suffering were wrapped up tightly in my self-obsession. Whatever I needed I sought and sometimes I was capable of anything by justifying my actions. When I came into recovery I

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Tradition 6 | 12 Step Recovery

Tradition 6

Powerlessness. One of the difficult aspects of recovery in the beginning was this idea of taking responsibility for my recovery. So many of the things that happened to me in my life felt like other peoples’ faults and I was at a point of hopelessness. Even my drug use was not my fault because using was the only relief from dealing with life; life was truly

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Primary Purpose | 12 Step Recovery

Primary Purpose

I started attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings hosted by local groups in 2002. I decided on a group that I considered my primary group or ‘home group’ after about 3 months. I have always had a home group since that time. I go and support the regular business meeting of my home group, ensuring we have the funds and membership support to continue to function. I was

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