Tradition 6 | 12 Step Recovery

Tradition 6

Powerlessness. One of the difficult aspects of recovery in the beginning was this idea of taking responsibility for my recovery. So many of the things that happened to me in my life felt like other peoples’ faults and I was at a point of hopelessness. Even my drug use was not my fault because using was the only relief from dealing with life; life was truly

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Primary Purpose | 12 Step Recovery

Primary Purpose

I started attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings hosted by local groups in 2002. I decided on a group that I considered my primary group or ‘home group’ after about 3 months. I have always had a home group since that time. I go and support the regular business meeting of my home group, ensuring we have the funds and membership support to continue to function. I was

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Autonomy | 12 Step Recovery


New Beginnings My home group of Narcotics Anonymous formed in March of 2020 when the pandemic was beginning to become a very real and global situation. Many physical locations were closed to groups and most local meetings they offered were affected. It was fortunate that a well established and rich history of virtual groups existed. Members were able to draw from the experiences of those who

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Addiction and Desire | 12 Step Recovery

Addiction and Desire

Tradition 3 states that the only requirement for membership in Narcotics Anonymous is a desire to stop using. I was taught early on that, in an atmosphere of recovery, where addicts are free to come and go as they please, seems to lie the foundation for the success of this fellowship. Addicts make the decision to become a member; but how does that desire become a

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A Brief History of Time | 12 Step Recovery

A Brief History of Time

Father Time looked down for a Moment and said, ‘I want to tell you a story little one’. He pulled the Moment upon his knee. “Cool! I love stories!” ‘This is the story about Narcotics Anonymous.’ ‘Long ago, there was a light surrounded by hard, lifeless matter. The light was called God by some, Higher Power, or simply love. Everyone knew of it as ‘The Sun’.

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