Just For Today – April 23 – A God of Our Own Understanding

“Many of us understand God to be simply whatever force keeps us clean.” – Basic Text, page 25

The concept of a Higher Power can be a hurdle for newcomers in Narcotics Anonymous (NA). While some arrive with a well-defined faith, others struggle with the very idea of a force greater than themselves. For many, the word “God” carries baggage from past experiences with religion, leading to discomfort and a reluctance to engage with “the God stuff.”

This is where the concept of a Higher Power as understood by NA becomes a cornerstone of recovery. The Basic Text reminds us that we can approach spirituality on our own terms, free from the constraints of past beliefs: “Starting over in recovery means we can start over in our spiritual life, too.”

This post explores the idea of a Higher Power in NA, particularly the freedom to develop our own understanding, as highlighted in the daily reflection for April 23rd.

Redefining Spirituality in Recovery

Recovery is a journey of self-discovery, and that extends to our spiritual lives. If the way we understood “God” growing up no longer serves us, we are free to explore a different approach. This doesn’t require immediate answers or a complete theological framework. Sometimes, simply acknowledging the experiences of other NA members who find strength in their Higher Power is enough.

The shared belief in a Higher Power within NA creates a powerful sense of community and support. Knowing that others rely on this force, even if their understanding differs from our own, can be a source of comfort and motivation.

A Higher Power: A Force for Good

The daily reflection offers a starting point: “All I have to know right now about my Higher Power is that it is the Power that helps keep me clean.” This reframes the concept away from dogma and opens it up to a more personal interpretation.

Our Higher Power can be anything that fosters our recovery. It can be the strength of the NA program itself, the supportive network we build in meetings, or a deep-seated belief in a universal good. The key is that this Power helps us stay clean, one day at a time.

Embracing the Journey

The path to a personal understanding of a Higher Power is an ongoing process. There may be moments of doubt or confusion, and that’s okay. NA encourages us to be open to exploration and growth, allowing our concept of a Higher Power to evolve alongside our recovery.

Here are some ways to begin exploring your own understanding of a Higher Power:

  • Share with others: Talking about your struggles and uncertainties in a safe space like an NA meeting can be incredibly helpful.
  • Listen to others: Pay attention to how other members talk about their Higher Power. Their experiences may resonate with you and offer new perspectives.
  • Meditation: Taking time for quiet reflection can help you connect with a sense of something larger than yourself.
  • Service: Helping others in recovery is a powerful way to connect with a Higher Power and experience the power of giving back.

Remember: You Are Not Alone

NA is a program built on the foundation of shared experience. Many members have grappled with the concept of a Higher Power, and there is always support available. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your sponsor, trusted friends in the program, or attend meetings focused on spirituality.

As you move forward in your recovery, the concept of your Higher Power will continue to develop. The important thing is to be open to the possibility of a force for good in your life, a force that can support you on your journey towards a life free from addiction.


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